The Community Advocacy program helps youth and adults recognize and prepare themselves to develop projects where they propose innovative ideas that are pressing to the community issues. Participants will learn. . , , .


  • To identify and research issues which impact the community
  • Advocate for the community
  • Formulate program proposals
  • Prepare a presentation to present pertinent concerns, stimulate support and work with interested community members.



Conflict Resolution is the process of resolving a dispute or disagreement. Conflict is going to happen. At work, home, church and even when you are alone. Our professional facilitators will lead you to a place of peaceful resolution using powerpoints and a little humor. Processes of Conflict Resolution include negotiation and compromise. In our sessions, particpants will explore what dwells at the root of conflict. 


A fair and efficient process to help individuals resolve disputes and reach a fulfilling agreement. A neutral third party or mediator assists the individuals involved in the dispute by enabling them to reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement on their own. Mediation can be used in employment, marital and pre-separation, landlord/tenant, small claims and social/civic disputes etc.

R.A.P. (Respect and Affirmation in Problem Solving)

The inability to comprehend oftentimes is the cause of rebellion or negative behavior. This includes the lack of respect for authority. R.A.P. is designed to work with youth and family members. The concept is to let them know in order to obtain positive gains in life they must first learn to affirm themselves, then others . During the sessions numerous topics are focused on to include: Anger Management, Communication Skills, Individual Strengths and Weaknesses, plus Goals and Objectives for a better way of life. 


UPLIFT stands for Using Positive Lessons to Improve our Future Tomorrows. It is a is prevention and intervention before detention program helping youth to understand that freedom is better than incarceration; being able to purchase is better than taking; it is better to take advantage of the opportunity to live than to give up and die. The mentoring program features group and 1-on-1 sessions. Focus is on education, life skills, spirtuality, and recreation. We desire to empower the youth to learn how to eradicate negative behavior own their own.


Working with individuals, groups, and gospel choirs to teach voice, parts delivery, and choir etiquette. It gives participants better insight on the theory of music, how it can be used as therapy, even healing when presented the right way and for the right purpose.


Outreach Basketball Camp is held during the summer to teach youth the basic fundamentals of basketball. BACK TO THE BASICS: Believing Attitude Skills Intellect Commitment Strength. Each camp is held weekly Monday through Friday. The youth receive a full agenda of basketball instructions and the opportunity to play in officiated games. They also receive life skills sessions. Outreach Basketball Camp enhances the skills of the youth that attend as it enriches their lives. 

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