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Project Outreach, Inc. was founded on June 4, 1997 . On July 13, 1998 it was incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of North Carolina in order that it may hold property, manage its own affairs, give expressions of its purpose, and adopt such rules as may be deemed necessary to conduct its business in harmony with the statues under which the Honorable Secretary of State granted its charter. Project Outreach maintains status under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax exempt organization.


The purpose of this corporation is to carry on the work of Project Outreach, Inc. in all its spiritual, benevolent, educational, philanthropic, civil and social aspects and activities. To accept donations, contributions and seek other types of funding assistance with which to carry out the mission of the organization.

Mission Statement

The mission of this organization is to provide programs which will broaden educational growth, enhance social skills, life skills training, and how to resolve conflicts using nonviolent methods.

Governing Board

The affairs of this corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors. The board shall be composed of individuals from the public sector. Board members shall be residents of the State of North Carolina.

Serving Our Community Since 1997

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